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Reason being she was comfortable with having both her hands occupied and working to the same goal. Like whirling windmills her blades propelled her and came together in unison toward her goal. But again, where she anticipated a physical collision there was none. Instead, there was a crippling pain to her metaphysical essence that extended to her physical structure. A painful, hoarse gasp expelled from her aching lungs upon the inaugural agony. Kiskla was no stranger to pain, but it had been a while since she'd been in a quarrel with one as capable as the Sith Lord that had challenged her now. He literally had more than 500 years on her. 500 years!

Her momentum was unbreakable despite the distraction, which meant she was on a collision course. The mud welcomed her when Cameron stepped from her strike, and she nearly screamed in pain from the impact. The aching of her bones, mixed with the external compression was almost enough for every fibre in her body to give out.
Her vision was hazed from the pain, clouded from behind as she felt the Force's defensive, and healing current course through her veins. The Force burned in her body. Cells were exploding from both pain, and the deluge of light that she was drawing in from the planet's history and the brave men and women that she had travelled with to reach Ossus. Her senses were peaked, and over the pounding of the rain she could hear the snaps of the tendrils that twisted about his alchemic sword; a weapon she thought he would have used by now. Working mentally, she attacked the compression he was forcing on her on a molecular level, countering them with excited molecules that separated their impact on her. Her breathing was heavy as she heard his condescending comment, and she knit her brows in both frustration and determination.

That had been humiliating.

She focused her fear of loss, and leveraged it to her aid rather than her hindrance. An err she'd made when she was young and was in fact the child that Cameron had chided her to be. The next few moments were instant. @[member="Syn"] had arrived, and she could feel his soothing effects in The Force, coupled with her own healing affects. Again, she was thankful.She deactivated her lightsabers, and pushed herself to her knees, facing upward at her disdainful adversary.

Kiskla drew the Force into herself, breathing life into her bones and muscles. She felt it's breath of life, fresh and powerful while still immensely painful. That pain could be harnessed though, and expelled with a divine expulsion. A lesson that she had learned with Master Dista in order to cleanse the senate, but would be adequate in this situation; or at least, it would be an excellent time for a test run. She'd done the research necessary to have an understanding of the technique, and with her exercise with Dista, she knew how to manipulate it from primary experience.

Cameron wanted to see a Master of the Light? She'd use Light to get him off her back, and off Ossus. What happened next, was an intense manifestation of every light fibre in her chemistry. A destructive offence indeed. Usually, it would need additional participants, but Kiskla had those with her in spades. With the additional interests and aid of the fairytale spirits of light, Kiskla was able to deliver a vortex of raw blue energy in Cameron's direction. This immense attack was to blind him from his dark core, his very sithly being. She stood with the attack, directing the tunnel of blue not at Cameron per say but his celestial signature in attempt to temporarily bind it. A light glow rose from her exposed flesh, as the Force began to consume her, her cerulean gaze aglow with it's power. With more practice, she was sure she could permanently block it. But today? The repellent nature of the technique culminated to the point that the light could no longer be contained and pushed back on them both.
The Jedi cut off her connection immediately, and her glow dissipated as she skidded backward, dropping the heel of her palm into the sodden ground to slow her backward journey while her head spun.

Her breathing was heavy and hollow, she was practically gasping with each inhale. Through the rain and the pieces of wet hair that fell over her eyes, she glared at Cameron--- intensely interested in the results of her exercise. Perhaps she could do that type of cleanse to a planet next time, with more practice, and avoid this whole invasion thing altogether.

Finally, she replied to Syn's commentary, clutching both her hilts firmly, eyes never leaving @[member="Cameron Centurion"].
"Just starting to."

Just starting was nothing more than the truth. Never before had she tapped into that much of the light side.
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Source: The Liberation of Ossus [Republic vs. Sith Empire]