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1. STAFF FEATURE: Staff members can now ban specific members from topics.

Intent: To prevent disruption of role-plays and discussions where the previous solution was to lock the topic due to one or more members.

2. STAFF FEATURE: Staff members can now ban specific members from any forums.

Intent: We had come up with a barbaric method of removing member's access to the entirety of the Factory, but it was either all or nothing. Now, Staff can remove member's access to any specific forum or forums as a punishment for abuse or disrespect of those forums.

3. MEMBER/STAFF FEATURE: Character accounts (subaccounts) can now request deletion through My Settings > Delete My Account.

Intent: To quicken the pace of deletions, as RPJ's now have this ability. However, I urge caution. Once you request deletion and a Staff member deletes your account, this is permanent. There is no undoing this. Think before leaping. Staff is not to be held accountable for accidental deletion requests.

4. MEMBER FEATURE: Quick Topics: A new button is available in all forums next to "Start New Topic" that launches a quick "Create new topic" panel for creating new topics on the fly.

Intent: To quicken the pace of topic creation in forums that don't require a lot of effort.

Source: New Chaos Community Features