Dear Diary,
It has been sone time since I had last written. And much had happened since then.
On my way back to Zakuul from Kashyyyk I had been intercepted by Tacitus and his Eternal Fleet. All that were with me were executed, and the Free Lady was jetisoned like garbage. I was collared and put into a cell. Over many weeks I was tortured and interrogated, all over some conspiracy and prophesy that I hadn't even heard of. In the end I was sentenced to death by crucifiction after a sham of a trial on Nelvaan.
I wanted death to claim me then.....
I was made to believe that my family were all dead and that Zakuul was glassed. But Lord Mayhem was there. He coaxed me into getting myself free, guided me off world, moving from one planet to another in some crazy pattern. Finally we found a neutral space, one that was self sustaining and whose economy didn't solely rely on the rest of the Galaxy. And it was a planet that didn't know me, nor did they care.
Here I turned away from the Galaxy and just turned to doing what people have told me to do for years; make and sell tea. There's no politics involved, no worrying about the fate of the Galaxy. All of it stays far away from the north.
I know that Veiere is disappointed. He still wishes to protect me and moving to Kashyyyk would make it all the easier for him. But....
That's not my fate. I can feel it. I mean REALLY feel it. Death is coming for me soon, moreso than just the fact that most believe me dead already or don't even care. No, this is real death, one that I won't be coming back from. I never would of thought that Veiere would outlive me, but the chances of that are high. I just hope that it doesn't destroy him so much as his 'death' had destroyed me.
The politician in me is already dead. All of my mistakes and the loss of two Empires has secured that. People didn't listen to me before and they certainly wouldn't listen to me now. I have angered and disappointed too many people.
Having people like my teas and baked goods is about the only joy that I have. And it's all that I deserve.
Death is coming. And when it arrives...I'm not going to run from it anymore.
Until next time, Diary.