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[background=rgb(8,8,8)]FACTION CAPITALS:

1. Each faction, upon creation, will name one planet as it's "Capital". Factions may not invade the capital planet unless you have occupied a neighboring system.

2. If you wish to invade the capital planet and are unsure as to whether or not you own a neighboring planet, consult a Roleplay Judge before invading.

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]HERO UNITS:

1. “Hero Units” are ships or vehicles built in the Factory. These must be approved by a Roleplay Judge in the Factory to use in competitive role-play.

2. In Invasions, each Faction may deploy up to 15 total Hero Units.

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]FACTION ARMORY MANIFEST:

1. Each Faction must have a list of it's ships, vehicles, and infantry units prepared and located under a topic titled “<Insert Faction Name Here> Armory Manifest”. This should be easily located within each Faction's discussion forums.

2. Deployable Hero Units must also be listed.

[background=rgb(8,8,8)]FACTION PLANET LISTS

1. All factions now have planet lists located under the Galaxy Map.


At any point, a faction may “invade” another faction's occupied planet. This involves one faction's members fighting for control of the planet against another faction's members.

The winning faction must meet all minimum requirements in order to declare victory.

1. The thread must have a minimum total of 200 posts between both factions.
2. Both factions must have a minimum of 5 members per side. If either faction cannot meet this requirement within 72 hours of the beginning of the invasion, that faction forfeits.

Once an Invasion nears it's completion, the Faction Leaders must convene with each other and decide on the victor. If a decision cannot be made, a Roleplay Judge must be privately contacted and he/she will make the final decision.

A faction may only have one active Invasion thread up at a time.


At any point, a faction may declare “dominion” over an unoccupied planet. This is a way for factions to passively gain planets without competing with other factions.

Other factions may not interrupt a faction's Dominion. They must wait until the faction has completed it's Dominion to begin an Invasion.

The faction must meet all minimum requirements in order to gain the planet during a Dominion.

1. The thread must have a minimum total of 100 posts.
2. The faction must construct a believable plot for the duration of the role-play and present some sort of opposition for it's members.

Once a faction has finished it's Dominion of a planet, consult a Roleplay Judge to have the Dominion approved and the planet added to the Faction's Planet List.[/quote]

Source: Feature Update 1.3: Warring Factions, Planet Occupations & Ruling the Galaxy