Lord Halketh
Tenth Day of the Third Month
864 ABY

Poised at a podium arranged in the heart of the icy capital of Asoport, The Lord of Ice prepares to speak to those looking to him for answers. His image is broadcast through the local planetary channels, and those just beyond in orbit. A silence settles, as calm as the snow fluttering from the cloudy sky.

"My dearest people, it is with a heart burdened by the weight of the news I bear that I stand before you this eve. We vowed to eradicate the Sith, wherever it was they flew into hiding. We vowed to end their reign of terror on the people of this galaxy and put a stop to the endless cruelty and subjugation that every man, woman, and child has been affected by. Allies have joined us in our quest, standing by our side with the understanding that we were united at the front to face this tyrannical enemy together. As many are well aware, particularly those military families, our forces recently joined the Galactic Alliance's engagement on Ziost- bolstering them just as they have us, in turn, over our victorious history."

There came a pause as he adjusted the lay of his hands, tucking them into the opposite sleeves.

"The Sith Empire, in their desperation to cling onto control of the world, unleashed a devastating surprise attack on the New Imperial and Alliance forces. An orbital strike with thoughtless abandon killing not only those deemed as enemies but many innocent civilians still within the city of New Adasta, as well. We know not, at this time, how many of our own were lost, only that the number grows with each passing hour. Despite this, our men and women continue to fight for the liberation of Ziost, avenging the fallen and ensuring their sacrifices will not be in vain. It has been decided that here on Carlac, in the wake of this holocaust, we will honor our fallen heroes. We will grieve them as they deserve to be grieved; with dignity and pride. Thus, from this day forward, The Fifth Day of the Third Month of each year is declared a planetwide holiday- a day of remembrance for those we have lost in the effort to free the galaxy of the Sith tyranny. This cannot bring back our dead, nor can it reconcile their loss, but it will serve as a time of celebration and mourning for the fallen."

Another momentary pause settled comfortably.

"In addition, I have instated a temporary relief program to provide aid to the families who may find themselves struggling with stability in the wake of this grievous atrocity. You will find the resources and information you need in your local revenue and accounting offices, as well as in the primary medical facilities here in Asoport, Icorith, and Srares. Military officials will be in contact with those who have lost loved ones shortly, if not already. As we move forward in our efforts to prevent The Sith Empire from its subjugation of innocent peoples, we will do so relentlessly, make no mistake. It is up to us all to choose defiance and action so that these evils and atrocities cannot continue. The Iron Sun will rise, as enduring and proud as ever, from the ashes of this horror, and we will not stop until every man, woman, and child in this galaxy can live freely without the fear of darkness swallowing their world."

"To those of you who work tirelessly so that our mission can remain, I thank you. To those who tend to families by yourselves so your spouses and partners may serve, thank you. And to those who have served or are still in service, Carlac stands behind you; thank you."

"Be kind to one another."

"Support one another."

"And most of all, when confronted with evil.... choose