[quote name="Teferi Efreet" post="5399" timestamp="1363296841" date="14 March 2013 - 05:34 PM"]
What do I mean by improving infrastructure and intuitive user access?

It means how easy is this site to access and gain information when you first visit it. If you have something that bugs you, or something you think can be improved logistically, or how the site's layout can change - we want to change it too. Make things easier. Make things more easily accessible. We get a ton of visits, we want each guest that visits be able to find what they want to find as soon as possible.

Lots of changes have already been implemented outside of a Feature Update, like the Guides the lovely Artemis wrote for us, or the prefixes implemented last week. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or complaints about bugs, let us know, because after 1.3, this is what we plan to do by March 24th.

Though, keep in mind, some things will be out of our power to change, but don't be afraid to ask![/quote]

Source: 1.4 Feature Update: Improving Infrastructure, FAQ System & Intuitive User Access