I'm not always the guy running around waving the #tyrannyreigns sign.

Today I am. For this issue. Because, seriously, it's hilarious.

"Oh no, staff is repressing us."
Really? Are they really? That's funny, because if they had been you probably wouldn't have been able to post it, much less get anyone to read it.

"But nobody on staff listens!"

Yeah, maybe because everyone else on the board is saying 'that dude be cray, don't listen to him.'

Here's what's the kicker for me. People whine about getting their freedom of speech repressed and how Staff pushes out some people in favor of others and that the entire system of Chaos is basically one giant nepotistic dump of ebil staffers doing their best to repress average joe of the proletariat.

So riddle me this.

If Staff is so nepotistic, why in the world are you able to 1. climb the ranks if you so wish and 2. write just about anything anti-Staff that isn't completely offensive in some morally reprehensible way?

Now on point number one, some of you out there will say, "But I have tried!" Except we forget that it's a system based on meritocracy. If you're not good at the job, you're not good at the job. There's a reason I haven't applied for any positions since my last time as FJ. #responsibilityisboring.

Now this isn't to say that I've seen staff do things I disagree with. There are exactly two times in which I've been pretty livid, not because my dragons were banned (that did happen), or because my Ewok didn't get blow up a planet (that didn't happen), but because people were either verbally abused in private chat and then fired, or undermined.

Point being, I'm very selective about waving that tyranny reigns sign around, but I'm flying the Go Staff flag pretty high right now, because freedom of speech is one of the foundations of true freedom.

Just because you (and I mean you in the general sense. There's nobody out there I'm thinking of specifically. Cross my heart and hope to die) just because you might have the emotional skin thickness of a styrofoam wafer doesn't mean staff is oppressing you every time you get your feelings hurt.
So please, stop whining.

But if you do: