Welcome to Fatty's first serious entry...

...But not the first on topic.

I had hoped it wouldn't come to something like this, but unfortunately there are a number of people who have come forward with their uncomfortable opinions about the actions taken by the site owner who we ordinarily adore and praise for his fair appraisals.

I could argue any which way I want about whether or not action "x" was bullying, or if action "y" was an abuse of power, or if action "z" was bluh bluh bluh. That doesn't matter because in all honesty, Tef's a dictator and the interwebz sees no wrong in his action so long as the host to this board doesn't get pissed about it. He could ban everyone on a whimsy and who could honestly tell him no? He created this place and he could take it down.. but he doesn't because we assume he loves it, and that love is extended most of the time to us. He can't have this awesome place without us, so he knows he has to keep us happy and entertained.

This plagiarism incident and the following incidents thereafter were not entertaining or amusing.

It made me feel sick to my stomach in disapproval, not because any offense was made in technicality, but because if not for the person who did it I may have had a laugh or two before Staff shut it down... but that was exactly it; there was no staff to shut it down because it was staff that was instigating. I recognize that all staff are human, but when you take a position on staff, any staff really, there is a high expectation from the community. Tef, I don't disagree with anything you did, but it left a poor taste in my mouth and it was pushing me, and I'm guess a fair number of other members, away. So um, don't be an ass I guess? That's really all I have to say on the matter I suppose... yup that's all there is to it.

Tef, I love ya bro, but pull your head out of your ass please and recognize that although it isn't bullying or whatever, it really isn't "nice". We all like it better when you're "nice".

I'm hoping this remains as an isolated incident.