Without delving into the larger methods of how Force Users impact the economy, such as how the One Sith might change the job structure and needs in a newly conquered planet, some analysis of the Marketplace, especially the arms market, can prove useful in determining the economical effects of Force Users.
Before the Four-Hundred Years Darkness the economy as a whole was different, with a few major corporations dominating market shares, such as Blas-Tech’s supremacy in all but the most niche of personal protection markets. However today’s market is much more diverse, with Blas-Tech still remaining a large force, but way has also been given for old companies to resurface, such as Czerka Arms(currently in the midst of rebuilding) and Tenloss Corporation, not to mention new Post-Gulag start-ups such as Iron Crown, Firemane Industries, and Akure Executive Interstellar.
What is most interesting however is how these other corporations have carved their niche, specifically in the creating and dealing of more non-traditional weaponry. Fireman Industries hallmark is the Bolter and it’s various offshoots, an explosive weapon marketed for its effectiveness against Force Users. Not to mention grenades made specifically for combating telekinesis wielders and a rifle that shoots a paralyzing webbed substance meant to bypass the slash of a lightsaber.
That’s not the end of it however. Companies like Iron Crown and Vanir Technologies market their knives and armors based on their levels of Lightsaber resistance. Rusty’s Ironworks sells an arrowhead marketed to be as effective as a lightsaber, albeit with limited range and battery. The Mandalorian Empire specifically separates it’s Visa status’s by the ability of the tourist to purchase differing Lightsaber-resistant materials. “Force-Breaker” grenades which release a gas that disconnects people from the Force are a household item for the common soldier, made by a number of companies with a number of variations. Akure Exective Intersteller became one of the hottest names in the galaxy after it released a line of luxury leather jackets that minimized the effect of the Force on the wearer, not only raking in profits but also creating a whole new job market of Sithspawn hunters.
These are some of the most easily notable effects of the Post-Gulag Force User on the private sector. While many jobs have been created in the manufacturing of anti-Force User weaponry how many jobs in security have been taken away from non-Force Users in favor to their lightsaber wielding counterparts? Note to self, see if you can an interview with Darkwater Security. They seem to be a fairly standard security company, wonder how their business is positively and negatively affected by Force Users. Next up is a look at the Bounty Board. How many men have prices on their heads because they’re a Force User? How many have a price because of what they’ve done to Force Users?