When another writer can make you so miserable with their rantings of unfairness, rantings of hatred, rantings of whatever conceived wrong that they force you to take an action that makes it so you don't have to listen to their rantings anymore.
So guess what.
If you can't get along with anyone, maybe you should rethink how you talk to people. Not everything mentioned or said is a personal attack on you specifically.
STOP beating the dead horse - This is a GAME. GAME. something done for enjoyment.
Don't understand how I can write with some people because you can't stand them .......here's why I write with them, because I like writing, I like stories, and I will ask anyone I want to to write with me and enjoy it. I don't have OOC hangups about them that prevent me from writing. I"m willing to work with folks rather than work at tearing down.
Maybe the PIAs should think about what is really making them so hateful, and stop trying to infect everyone else with it.