By O. C. Poric
It has been several days since the orbital bombardment of Korriban City, conducted by close allies of the Silver Jedi Order. Thousands perished in this act of savagery, though this number is expected to rise as the rubble is shifted through and more bodies are accounted for. Thousands more have been displaced and are left without food, water, or shelter, as a result of the catastrophic damage to infrastructure. Several days after being routed from the Stygian Caldera by overwhelming native opposition, Grandmaster of the Silver Jedi Thurion Heavenshield strategically shifted blame for the bombing to that of a relatively unknown admiral.
Grandmaster Havenshield vowed to bring the admiral in question to justice for her crimes, though given the continued presence of Master Matsu Ike, who was exiled by the legitimate Jedi Order several years prior for war crimes, this vow remains a dubious promise at best. While there was no discussion of tangible reparations outside of apologies and promises, the Silver Jedi have taken another course of action.
They have allowed King Solan Charr of the planet Kesh to construct a garden on the Silver Jedi capitol planet of Voss. This garden is to serve as a memorial to the Korribani citizens they are directly responsible for slaughtering.
King Solan Charr of Kesh is best known for his tendencies toward extra-judicial mass murder and borderline psychotic behavior. Critics of Solan Charr's government note that the "King" has no ancestral ties to Kesh or any relation to Keshiri nobility- a factor that makes him a despot at the absolute best. The Silver Jedi's commission of one criminal to memorialize the actions of another continues to astound the general public. Not just of the Stygian Caldera, but the entire galaxy.
As the Silver Jedi drag their feet in righting their wrongs, several private companies have already taken initiative on their own accord; donating generous amounts of money to relief efforts on Korriban. These companies include Fa Holdings, the Helix Syndicate, and the Royal Ganathan Trade Company.
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