Liam leans forward to poke the lens of the camera. Frowning, he pushes his face as close as possible so that the camera looks up his nose. Sitting back down he fixes his hair, then leans back slightly preparing to talk.

Is this thing on? Err, alright. Let's see here. First off, my name is Liam, I'm ehhhh 20 years old - standard blonde, blue eyes, perfect skin among other things. Thanks to my mom, took her 9 months to make it zing! I miss her though, even though I crack jokes. I do miss my mom. Maybe that's a good place to start - let you get to know me a bit. My mom was killed on Dantooine during a Primeval takeover. They were ruthless and I was lucky to survive, my sisters were off doing their own thing and I was left on the farm with Mom and Dad. Dad wasn’t home – he was busy trying to fend off the Primeval troops get them packing off our home. I was left with mom, but I was too young to really figure what to do.

Staring off into the distance forgetting about the camera for a moment, he wipes the tip of his nose with his sleeve and then returns from wherever his mind had disappeared to.

Guess that’s where it all started. This really crazy idea I needed to protect people. Sorry Ibby. Ha, jeez I didn’t want to get into the deep stuff so early – it’s been what 5 seconds and I’m already telling the sob story of how I lost my mom. Next thing I know I’ll be some new animated holofilm – heh – that would be so cool. Liam Quez Galactic Hero!

Sighing softly and with a stupid grin spread across his face he day dreams about the possibility of being a hero. A hand runs through his hair as he laughs at the day dream, playing it off.

Man, my name in lights people chanting my name wanting me to save their town. That would make everyone proud of me and I’d get to save people – yep that’s what I want to be. A Galactic Hero. Now before you start throwing all this military propaganda at me, I’ve already joined a group. The Galactic Alliance, we’re way cool and we’re actually doing something instead of sitting in the middle of room with our noses in the air deciding who gets to live and who has to die for the “greater good of the Republic” Kark that. Yep we’re going to do things and do awesome things.

A girl’s voices echoes from the background and Liam looks over his shoulder. A few choice words mumbled under his breath. He grabs the datapad and the camera from where it was propped and the camera pans showing a toilet.

Princess~! I told you blue milk messes with my stomach! I’m not taking forever in the bathroom – what are you going to do in there anyways? Put on make-up or something?

Looking down at the camera, Liam winks then frowns

Karking women, can’t live with em – and I would never want to live without em. The Quezinator is out.

Feed cuts out