"No. Half. Measures"
-ALPHA Team's Motto
  • Intent: To create the First Order Military's most dreaded and elite Commando unit, creating a heroic unit of protagonists for the faction while offering a truly intimidating and hellish antagonist to overcome for the opposition.
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  • Role: Special Forces Supersoldiers, Protective Detail, Jedi Hunters.
  • Links: Luther Ando, Kyli DT-6767, Dergan Twigg, Rexus Wenck
  • Unit Name: ALPHA Team
  • Informal Names: Kark Squad (Derogatory), Freak Show (Derogatory), Black Team (Complimentary), Men In Black (Complimentary).
  • Affiliation: First Order Special Forces, First Order Special Warfare Command/Group Four.
  • Classification: Special Mission-Capable Special Operations Force
  • Headquarters: Victoria, Dosuun
  • Loyalties: First Order, First Order Special Warfare Command/Group Four.
  • Group Sigil: Members of ALPHA Team wear their sigil on the right-pauldron of their armour as proof of their affiliation and membership with the unit. For beleaguered Stormtroopers and First Imperial Citizens the sight is usually comforting for their unique qualities and capabilities are highly regarded within and without the First Order's Military.

  • The team has no rigid hierarchy and its' members rather co-operate together to complete their objectives with the role of team leader loosely being filled by Luther Ando or Rexus Wenck as necessary; to stand among the fabled supersoldiers of ALPHA is to stand among equals regardless of rank carried outside of it. To special forces outsiders the team seems clannish and undisciplined; they frequently address each other by first name and freely engage in usually frowned-upon or prohibited activities such as gambling over pazaak and smoking.
  • Project: AFTERLIFE is a required procedure that every member must be a successful subject of prior to being accepted for admission into ALPHA team; providing the Death Troopers with the necessary augmentations they require for the often perilous and suicidal tasks and missions they're given by Special Warfare Command's Group Four.
  • ALPHA Team are infamous for going in shooting and leaving no if any survivors given their targets are almost exclusively military or insurgent in nature. ALPHA leave ashes not witnesses and it's an unspoken understanding within the team that unless one of their targets might give them valuable intel or make for a good bargaining chip for the First Order they'll destroy all lawful targets without exception, because they can't surrender if you don't give them a chance to.
  • Given their unique nature among the First Order's military the members of ALPHA Team grow closer with each passing mission and have resolved to never abandon one another in the field whether wounded or in danger of capture even at the insistence to pull-out by the victim, ALPHA Team take care of their own and will never leave their comrades to languish and rot especially when being deprived of their counter-mutagen stims can drive them to madness.
  • Because of the awe and fear they inspire within friendly and hostile troops alike who witness their work the First Order's Military presents ALPHA Team as beyond Human; gods of war who cannot be killed on the battlefield by any enemy because they're Death Troopers the very incarnation of grim fate, as a result the members of the team can never be lawfully classified as killed-in-action only wounded-in-action or missing-in-action.
  • Holotags: Members of the Unit are equipped with Holotag identity chips which identify their first name, DT-code and rank along with their full personnel file number. Curiously the holotags feature no last name and replace the wearer's last-name with their DT-code, only the classified personnel file contains each member's full biographical information and name respectively.
  • Win battles and complete all objectives set before them.
  • Keep each other alive.
  • Corporal Luther DT-4742 (ALPHA-ONE) - Luther is typically quiet, cool, calm and collected and serves as ALPHA's expert combat paramedic and surgeon while also doubling as the team's leader when necessary. Luther is perhaps the most intelligent member of the team and his insights are highly valuable on matters of strategy. Prior to augmentation Luther was the most emotionally stable individual on the team.
  • Staff Sergeant Kyli DT-6767 (ALPHA-TWO) - Solemn and thoughtful Kyli serves as ALPHA's designated marksman, sniper and slicer. Kyli is a born-and-bred Stormtrooper and was removed from her Father's care as a Juvenile and taken into the Stormtrooper Corps as a ward of the state, she has known only the military through her entire life with little to no recollection of life before it. Kyli conveys a lot of her emotions through subtle body language that she cannot control and can be easily read by the trained eye.
  • Sergeant Rexus DT-4539 (ALPHA-THREE) - Ferocious and Violent Rexus Wenck serves as ALPHA's close-quarters fighting expert and is a volatile and violent force to be reckoned, compensating for his education or lack thereof with an overwhelming physique even amongst the Death Troopers. Rexus is a dedicated soldier and ferocious combatant known for his violent tendencies which once ran to such an extreme that even the First Order once charged him with War Crimes, Rexus embodies ALPHA's relentless wrath and merciless retribution.
  • Corporal Dergan DT-7088 (ALPHA-FOUR) - Dergan Twigg serves as ALPHA Team's explosive ordinance and heavy weapon expert both of which he wields with an idiot savant's proficiency, Dergan Twigg is far from intelligent and struggles to string together multi-syllable words but makes up for this with terrifying physical power; standing over seven feet tall out of his armour and weighing over one-hundred and thirty-kilograms Dergan Twigg could best be described as Half Man and Half Tank and about as tough. Twigg makes for an unassailable disarmed fighting target and despite his outwardly gentle nature is capable of acts of savagery that rival Rexus when his team or best friends' lives are threatened.
  • Availability: Unique
  • Deployment: Limited
  • Beyond Human: Each member of ALPHA Team has been extensively augmented under Project: AFTERLIFE which has transformed them into Superhuman Warriors with physiological capabilities far beyond that attainable by a Baseline Human and it shows particularly in close-quarters fighting where the majority of combat takes place. Their enhanced physiologies even permit them to engage most force wielders at personal range with extraordinary effectiveness.
  • Constitution: With their enhanced physiologies the members of ALPHA Team are capable of dishing out and taking punishment in equal measure, they're extremely hardy and can resist or shrug off all but the most life-threatening injuries and damage to their bodies. Giving them astronomical levels of Endurance that permit them to engage and outlast units of size that far outnumber their own, atleast in theory as not even the members of ALPHA team can resist their lungs or heart being pierced.
  • Technological Superiority: Victory comes not just from heroism and physical performance but also access to cutting edge offensive and protective technology which ALPHA Team has in spades; their equipment is so advanced it can confidently compete with the capabilities of any equipment fielded by hostile armies whether used by regular forces or commandos.
  • Always Outnumbered: Due to the team's small-size it's not unusual for them to be outnumbered and surrounded by the enemy often having to cleave their way through hostile ranks at close-range. The kind of situations they find themselves in would be quickly dismissed as suicidal for Stormtroopers.
  • Casualty Evacuation: Casualty Evacuation is usually difficult given where they operate, if one of the team's number is gravely injured they'll usually need to be treated in the field reducing the team's combat efficiency while their members help provide first aid treatment for each other.
  • Force Sensitivity: Any Force Sensitivity the members of the team possessed prior to their augmentation has been eviscerated in they cannot use force-based powers in any offensive or protective capability. Any connection to the force they possessed prior to augmentation is now minimal at best and non-existent at worst.
  • Force Presence: Each member of the Team regardless if they were force sensitive or not prior to augmentation exhibits an extremely peculiar and distinct presence in the force, for the light-side users it's quite disturbing making attentive and trained force users capable of perceiving their presence perhaps prior to actually making contact with them especially in close-quarters.
  • Infantry Weapons: ALPHA Team when performing covert insertions via drop-pod are limited to weapons they can be transported aboard these craft and given they operate normally far from friendly support assets they typically have restricted access to direct or indirect fire support in the form of mortar weapons and close-air support. And because of the team's size if one of their number were to carry a support weapon it can reduce the team's tactical flexibility and mobility.
  • Stim Dependent: Thanks to the team's physiological augmentations they're reliant on a steady supply of counter-mutagen stims lest their bodies experience chemical imbalances; some of which can drive them into the arms of Psychosis; making them as much a threat to each other and allies as they are to their enemies.
  • Vehicle Access: Because of their unit's nature they often operate deep behind enemy lines and far away from re-supply or support assets making heavy vehicle and starship access and support sporadic, outside the context of a great invasion they often have difficult procuring support assets.
Description: ALPHA Team of the First Order Special Forces' Special Warfare Command Group/Four is the Military's elite team of "Death Troopers" Soldiers who have been physiologically augmented to elevate them beyond what is considered Human, complimented by training that has been tried and testing across decades of history; First with the Galactic Republic and then the Galactic Empire and now the First Order. ALPHA's membership is diverse and varied with only the team's Sniper Kyli DT-6767 being a child "volunteer" Hailing from the Stormtrooper Corps while Luther Ando was an Adult Volunteer originally from the First Imperial Army with Rexus Wenck and Dergan Twigg being once-disgraced war criminal adult volunteer Stormtroopers who earned some measure of redemption after their conscription back into the Stormtrooper Corps. Together the four Troopers became the First Order's initial candidates in Project: AFTERLIFE which has permanently changed them from mere Human warriors into something much more deadly and dangerous.

While the concept of the Death Trooper is centuries old the First Order never truly embraced it, if ever using augmentation technology in the past it was based on out-dated procedures developed under the Galactic Empire's reign. ALPHA team are the first true Death Troopers within the First Order with entirely new technology both in their equipment and Physiological Enhancements making them more than a match for any threat on the modern battlefield including trained force wielders. Project: AFTERLIFE came to life on Mephout within what's called "The Dead City" Deep beneath the city there is a First Imperial Military facility and this is where the members of ALPHA Team were changed forever becoming the Death Troopers they are today within the secret and shadowy laboratories surrounded by Doctors and other Professionals who came at the subjects with soft re-assuring voices that what was to become of them was for the greater good of the First Order. To prove their superiority to all other Troopers within the First Order; after recovering from their augmentations ALPHA Team were inoculated against the Blackwing Virus and then sent deep into the Dead City and fought off hordes of Undead and returned to be successfully decontaminated without a single casualty; a notion that prior to this would have been deemed unthinkable but ALPHA Team passed their test admirably and proved to be worthy of the mantle "Death Troopers" and have quickly been elevated within the First Order Military as the Paragon of Human Achievement and Harbingers of Sieger Ren's Order.
Within the First Order Military itself ALPHA Team are met with a mixture of fear, awe, respect and derision depending on the individuals, typically fellow Special Forces Troopers both envy and deride them as "Freaks" for their superhuman capabilities or "Kark Squad" for their ostensibly casual attitude when off-duty where certain members of the team enjoy partaking in activities that would normally be frowned upon or prohibited for regular special forces and military personnel. The rank-and-file soldiers and stormtoopers usually aspire to follow their example, particularly the latter who have been found to generally regard ALPHA highly. The Missions ALPHA Team perform vary wildly and are capable of fulfilling any operational special forces role as necessary; Covert, Clandestine or Direct Action Operations? ALPHA can do it all and admirably. The Order of Ren and Central Command both frequently requisition ALPHA Team's services and they can be found all across First Imperial Space and beyond when deployed often performing Operations that most of their Special Forces Peers would describe as suicide; such as fighting through a city filled with ravenous, intelligent undead. ALPHA Team is both derided and admired as the "Kark Squad" because when everything is farkled you can still count on them to get the job done or die trying. To protect their personal identities each Death Trooper's holotags and redacted personnel file doesn't feature a last name and instead exhibits their DT-Number which is usually their previous servicenumber with the alphabetic letters replaced with 'DT' for 'Death Trooper'. This is to help prevent foreign Intelligence agencies or insurgents from attempting to track down the Death Troopers when on leave or otherwise engaged in private activities.
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