FIMS - First Imperial Medical Services
Originally, FIMS was limited to providing medical attention and prevention health services to members of the armed forces. Later their role was expanded to include the entirety of the First Order nation, which meant the construction of hospitals, clinics, medical facilities and specialised medical stations. This was a result of extending medical benefits to the families of our military members. Eventually, FIMS expanded beyond serving the military and their families, sub-medical specialisations appeared and soon FIMS became the standard in which civilian medical practices were held up to. Now, FIMS’s mission is to provide health care, medical attention and advances in medical technology and services to all First Order citizens. Development in all medical fields and subspecialties continues to grow and advance and as such FIMS how comes under the guidance of the Ministry of Health in addition to the Military.
In the Armed Forces
Whether you are part of the Navy, the Army or Starfighter Corps. Your medical training is done through FIMS, while you may be trained by a Commander in the Navy or a Major in the Army or Starfighter Corps. They are FIMS-certified, all education, training and application of medical services are done through FIMS. Divisions of FIMS while part of the armed forces includes but is not limited to; the Nursing Corps, Pararescue Jumpers, Hospital Services and the Dental Corps. FIMS also works to train emergency responders such as hazard response, fire response, emergency medical personnel and coordinates emergency services throughout the armed forces.
In the Civilian Realm
FIMS is a non-profit organisation seeking to help all First Order citizens who cannot afford health coverage on their own. FIMS will never refuse service or treatment to any citizen of the First Order. The Ministry of Health oversees this portion of FIMS to ensure all health rules and regulations are met and carried out to standard. The non-profit receives grants from the Ministry, based on ratings, ratings are given to FIMS-certified facilities, and employees by patients, family members of patients and by the Ministry’s Inspectors. Why chose the nonprofit route? Nonprofit can be quite maddening, and frustrating at times, however; FIMS believes in the people. Working together to create a healthier First Imperial nation. Nonprofit allows for growth, opportunity and a creative outlook on the road ahead.