Alright, well here we go. New Academic year, new set of journals. Most of this will end up in the Templar Archives as well as my ship's database. It's for posterity, I guess. With the old university gone, I'm what's left of our archival system. That's weird to say. Go figure. The last survivor on Milakine University.

Anyway, I'm not hear to dwell on the past. I'm hear to focus on the now. Now is weird. You see, I joined up with the Templars. Figured my mixture of force sensitivity and archaeological training would make me an asset to the Archives. Well, we've got chroniclers for the archives, so I'm given the position of "Seeker," which a mix of relic and bounty hunting. I'm not our best fighter, but I try.

Next thing I know, Rostu--head of the whole CIS--calls me into his office. Grills me on Atrisian culture. Not gonna lie, Most of what I said was pretty basic stuff. Nothing nuanced, just cursory readings. I hadn't done a Atrisian culture course in five years, and the new Empire is definitely a reflection of more progressive and aggressive policies than it's predecessors. So, I ask him why he wants my thougths on Atrisian culture, as I thought we ahd sppoks to handle that sort of thing. He explains that he needs an official ambassador to make a trade agreement, and thinks I have experience with getting native cultures to embrace foreign ones, because I was the first man in three hundred years to get a university dig in Bonduki approved by local Teras Kasi masters.

So, now, I'm an ambassador. Go figure. Xos'nulo says that my diplomatic touch will probably also go out other force-using groups. That'll be interesting.