2 weeks after the construction of Medelwr and Heddwch

Brynjar was coated in a thin layer of sweat. His body was glistening and he was hard at work chopping firewood and construction pillars. The renovations to his ancestral home were slow going. Clan Threist moved from the halls centuries ago, their growth in a large clan meant they needed a larger, more impressive hall. Somewhere he knew was under the control of the Fayth. It was perhaps leaving this simple, humble beginning that led to their fall. Glwyn started here. Their connection to Gods and to Lupo culture sprung from this land. Brynjar knew if he was intending to rebuild Clan Threist then he needed to do it here. Not in their other home like he had originally intended. That wouldn't work, that was his parents wishes, not his. Not Glwyn's. It needed to be here and that's what he would do.

Heddwch sliced through the final piece of wood like it was butter. The axes were perfect, two weeks of hard, endless labour and the axes were just as sharp as when they were first forged. He had also used them to hunt and butcher game that he provided the people living under Aelin's rule. It hadn't gone down as smoothly as he would have liked with some questioning where he had been, was he attempting to undermine Aelin and garner their favour? His responses had been harsher, more aggressive than he intended. It was simply finding his new standing and accepting the role he felt comfortable in.

Gathering the firewood into a large wheelbarrow to shift to the camp, Brynjar looked at the partially restored hall and sighed. It would still be awhile till it was habitable and a base for others but each passing day it seemed more like home. Perhaps restoring it would also help Brynjar figure out what Alpha he would be, find others that wished to be a part of Clan Threist and adopt them. It would be good to find someone who would be suitable in training to be the next Alpha since in the back of his mind there lingered doubts that he would sire an heir. For now, he just needed to focus on finishing the work that he started. The rest will be sorted when time comes.

He was glad his hair was tied back into a high, tight knot by the time he arrived at the camp. The barrow struggled to shift the large amount of wood he was attempting to bring. He was never sure how many would need the wood and how much to provide since there were others like Declan and Gerwald doing work around the camp. He was still in self exile, coming in and providing support when he could. Bringing the barrow to the edges of the camp, he saw there were familiar faces, eagerly awaiting and excited by the sight of the wood he was bringing. It was odd that he kept seeing the same faces, he feared that these people were hogging the wood that he was bringing and leaving others out. He paused in front of them, a serious gower formed in his eyes. He needed to confront this potential greed, they had to share if they were to survive!

"Þú mikið halda koma ok taking allr búss! Inn hvat um öldungar? Inn slasaður? Ek leggjþessir fyrir þau sem mjök sem ek leggjþatr fyrir þú! Vér mega't réttr munu um sterkust lifa af!" Brynjar growled in the native tongue. He saw them whimper, flinch and fear him as he stood much taller than they did.

There was silence and tension hung in the air after Brynjar spoke. That was until a voice called out, "svá, þú gera ráð fyrir vér gereigir veita fyrir þau? At vér komhír, takþinnr búss ok brenna þat til þrátt fyrir þau?! Hugsatr mælir meiri til þinn kharacter þan þat gerir várr!" It was a stranger to Brynjar but they spoke with frustration that he bowed his head apologetically.

"Ek gert ráð fyrir svá, já. Eigi því at þat var inn minn náttúrunni, en því at ek eingsjár þessi andlit. Ek gert ráð fyrir til sjá fleiri fólk." Brynjar admitted as he spoke in a gentler tone, realising all too late his error.

"Vér erum eingainn sjálfur inn þessi part ór kamp sterkr œrinn til berbússrinnr. At er hví vér koma." The stranger spoke once more. Older than Brynjar, it was clear this person held some authority amongst those here.

Nodding his head, "inn framtíð, ek munu fylgjagð berbúsanar til fólkinn þá. Ek skulu hafkonsidereðr at áður." Admitting his error in that part, he merely thought dumping the wood for those that needed to collect would be enough but he was mistaken. It was another blindness he held due to the focus on gaining support for Anasi and not working as an Alpha.

*"You lot keep coming and taking all the wood! What about the elders? The injured? I bring this for them as much as I bring it for you! We can't just be about the strongest survive!"

**"so, you assume we don't provide for them? That we come here, take your wood and burn it to spite them?! Think that speaks more to your character than it does ours!"

***I assumed so, yes. Not because it was in my nature, but because I only see these faces. I expected to see others.

****We are the only ones in this part of camp strong enough to carry the wood. That is why we come.

*****in future, I will help carry the wood to the people then. I should have considered that before