It was surprisingly humid today. Overcast too. I had to change my shirt twice from the hotel to the conference hall, it was rediculous! But anyways. Just another update. The presentation went off without a hitch. Though I feel like I showed them too much skin you know? I went through our own repulsor coil technology and the work we want to do with this new engine. They seemed to like the idea, but I'm not sure if they , scratch that. As I type I'm getting a call from the head of their R&D department.

-A Few Hours and a Few Calls Later-

Daw. They said yes! They kriffing said yes!! I couldn't contain my excitement if I was a damn Jedi! Well anyways, it looks like my work is pretty much done here. A few boring meetings to go to and then some document signing...And we'll have some damn good repulsor coils heading our way for the engine. Its so close Daw, I can taste it!!