Home of the best Repulsor technology around and a deliciously addictive fruit, Bakura was not one of the places I saw this project taking me. I tried Daw, I really did to insist that our own Repulsor Coil would be sufficient but I let my pride in our work cloud the facts. The numbers some of these coils are reaching are well...Amazing to say the least, putting many of our earlier models to shame. I spent the entire day at Bakur RepulsorCorp's main factory and Repulsor research lab. Some of the things these guys are trying to pull of...Well it could change the way we look at the Repulsorlift forever. Anyways, I've got to get back to my notes. Big presentation tomorrow. Here's to it going well. Maybe I'll grab a few bottles of their Namana liquor. Maybe not, heard its addictive but they say the same about deathsticks and I kicked those. Anyways, hope these are getting to you in your cozy little apartment you lucky son of a kath hound.