End Game.
That really was something. I don’t think I ever remember seeing anything like that on the site. I have been here, what, chronologically for 4 years with the gap of time missing. But still, its Chaos. You don’t ever really leave this place, for better or worse. But that’s not what I’m on about. About a month or so ago now, the choice was given up to the faction, do we continue on, dodging the activity checks and hoping to squeeze some life out of the faction, or do we make the choice to go minor?
And if we went minor, what would we do? What story would we tell. Well, that part took on a life of its own. With Taeli Raaf being the secret Sith, but also a devoted admin to the faction, it provided the best possible outcome. And the rest of the staff, and faction who voted, got the majority. Go minor. And that meant Endgame. The big turn coat moment. Two years in the making? A great bit of story telling, that. And it created the monster of the event.
Like its been said, over a handful of [ENDGAME] tagged threads, we’ve had over 700 writer posts, most of the major factions involved in some fashion, be it joining the combat, helping support refugees, setting up stories for Alliance writes to jump into, or just reacting in personal threads, this event was the send off any major faction deserves. Factions die all the time, and that’s the nature of Chaos, it is in constant flux. But when you create a large faction, its always hard to let that toy go. But if the send-off affects a huge number of writers? It’s a good faction.
I guess its just me rambling. But the groups who took the reigns of the GA since I had stepped down, and the group who will be working hard to bring the Galactic Alliance into the Alliance-in-Exile as a minor faction, a huge thank you. The writers involved in the faction, its nothing without the people who tell stories under that same banner. Some will stay with the minor faction as we go back, tell some new stories, give the Sith Empire and First Order something to fight with, and some may not. Go on to tell other stories but have a character that was involved in the Alliance, and will reach back to that story from time to time.
And most importantly, the ‘enemies’ writers that you can reach out to to give conflict. The Alliance was designed as a primarily PVP faction, and without people invading us, or people to invade, where was the fun in that? Risk and reward.
Seeing it all wind down, its such a good feeling to see that the stories that started the Alliance, reaching as far back as the initial Skirmish on Coruscant against the late One Sith, all the way up Endgame, its great to see the faction’s end didn’t just fizzle with a recall. It went out with a huge bang.
Such a good ride. And a great story.