I'm going to keep this brief to make sure the point gets across.
Not so long ago, I was surprised and a little irritated to discover that someone had reported a thread wherein someone else had gone all godmode on me a little while back. If you notice that someone has godmoded against me, please don't report it. Here's why:
  • I've been on the net and in this community for a while, and I'm capable of dealing with it myself, either by discussing it OOC (and reporting if warranted) or using their mistakes to nope out of the thread. Nearly all godmoders make mistakes that you can often use to leave a thread realistically. Shocking thought: I might even decide to let it slide. Not all offenses require a smackdown.
  • This kind of situation is often a misunderstanding, maybe from unclear writing or bad reading or just different fundamental assumptions. It might even be your misunderstanding as the observer.
  • You likely don't know what discussions are already going on behind the scenes.
  • Obviously this doesn't apply to nastier OOC stuff like threats or whatever. But bottom line...if someone's done something reportable against me IC -- RPJ territory rather than Admin -- I'd prefer to be the one that decides if and when to report it. Third party reports often just make it look like I was griping loud enough for someone to hit the button (and though I'm far from innocent of griping, I like my public image right where it is).

This has been two minutes of your time. Carry on.