Dear Diary,
There was no word from Veiere after I sent him a message. Now that the distance between us on the map is smaller, the distance between us as a married couple couldn't be greater.
There is such a conflict of emotions coming from him, yet he won't talk to me. He's shutting me away. Perhaps it's like before, where after the events on Deneba, we had to pretend to seperate in order to maintain the public's trust in me. All for politics. Maybe this is the same thing, only our situations are reversed. I don't know. I just know that he really isn't happy with me.
Yet what can I do? I'm torn between myduty as an Empress to Zakuul; my duty to my niece and my Mandalorian family; but also my duty to my husband and the family that we made together. Lori and Caedyn must be beside themselves and confused, maybe even angry.
I cannot end this turmoil anytime soon. And the Galaxy isn't helping to make it easier on me either. There are whispers of war, yet as to where and when I'm being kept in the dark as everyone here wants me out of danger. But how long will that last?
I hope that things change for the better soon. I hope....that my husband will speak to me again soon. In the meantime I will continue running Zakuul remotely and work on humanitarian efforts here. At least then I'd of accomplished something.
Until nextime, Diary.