Dear Diary,

There is much at stake. I am conflicted in myself as much as the Galaxy seems to be. My inaction in the past has allowed many of these conflicts to take place. My pacifity in the past has allowed this. Now it is probably too late.
Had I have acted earlier to attempt to create a gap between the Clans of Mandalore and the Sith Empire, the current wars would not be taking place. I had my chance when Commenor was under occupation. But because my people were held hostage by the Sith, I did not act. I did not try...
Had I of been there for Yasha earlier, she'd of not accepted Carnifex's ongoing personal help. She'd of not as been so easily swayed by his charms. I know that he's in love with her. A blind person could see that. Perhaps his wives bore him and now he wants someone younger and taller, one that could give him more children like Adara...
Adara is perhaps my fault as well. Not so much in her being, but of what she has become. She is so Dark, yet she hides it. Baiko had died trying to help her. Would I be next? I may talk to Ambrose about that later. He watches over her. Perhaps we could come up with a plan together.
Now I am choosing to act. It started with Zakuul. I am allowing attacks on the First Order by my fleets. I have ordered that there be as minimal of casualties as possible. Will there be more war? Of course there will be. But we are defending ourselves. They struck at us first.
Along with that I am working to try to save Mandalore. Given the odds against them, it would be very difficult. War cannot be the only option though. There must be another way...
If only Veiere would talk to me. We could have worked on this together. But I can understand his need for distance, no matter how much it hurts. I am but an escaped convict, an enemy to those he's loyal to.
Would they come in defence of the First Order and fight me there too?
I certainly hope not.
Until next time Diary.