Entry One: "When I was a young girl... well older in body then I am now but younger then in my original body. My commander said to me the best way to wage a war was to go for total war and not leave a chance for retaliation. They would be something that would be getting involved with plots for revenge and payback. In terms of stopping a cycle of problems and escalation that we understood would work. Though the prospect of always killing families of soldiers who might swear vengeance was well something that might be dangerous. I never liked the idea of preemptive actions that would harm others because maybe they would. I'd rather have had causalities be minimal and the point be across them mass exterminations. So we have changed in a number of things ourselves, we want to work on a counterpoint to the Battle Analysis Computer so that the two can coordinate and work in combat scenario's."
Entry Two: "The work that they have been doing on the AI's here within the Silver jedi, namely with Sasori has been better. Producing and creating them is a mainstay of the company as they have been able to do it quicker then a number of others who have worked on it all. I have been turning over a new leaf for it so that the process of the AI that will be working with us. Will be a naval combat AI meant to protect ship systems and coordinate the ships that will be working and using slave circuits. The Firekilns that the Lady Katagiri Ike has been recovering in the form of Firekilns are older ships that took down star destroyers through swarm tactics. They were smaller, faster and armed to have the whole team outgun then just one individual ship. We will be seeking to make a swarm ship and it will need an AI such as this."
Entry Three: "We have continued the work on the Ai's development, with more information we should be able to input it. The main part will be setting up the designation where we will be wanting to work on many more things. The old records are showing many more influential minds that have faced imperial officers as well as fought with them. We are using an old name that came up from the outer rim that many might not know or know the importance of but if it works. The Esva AI wil be a key system to have on command ships within the silver fleet. Pair it up with slave circuits and we can begin automating fleets for quicker response times.We have already been working with the neural net from meran Mechanics that has been built in to give the ships a shared system. Something that can handle large amounts of information and process it. "
Entry Four: "Continuing the work on the AI, it is proving more effective. We have to limit and focus its potential however as the combat AI will be working with the ships to better process and share information. coordinate and control through slave circuits and help make the auto targeting lasers act more random to prevent enemy ships from getting the patterns down. These safety measures along with some of the others that are being implemented should more then make up for some of the faults with it such as the limited knowledge in other areas that will make it rely on AI's like Quiet, Rose, Rebirth and La Rasa... Saying it now the focus on AI's within the fleet might come as a surprise given the commanders we have had but they choose to disappear just as quickly as they arrive and it makes it difficult to really get set for them."
Entry Five: "Staying with our previous lines of thought and testing the combat and control capabilities of the AI. We won't be able to install it on all of the ships that are made by Saotome and Sasori with all of its companies for the Silver jedi. Instead there will be control ships designed similar to the lucrehulk control vessels that will be larger and have more defenses to coordinate and protect itself while it houses the AI and is able to control the smaller faster more plentiful swarm ships using the AI and slave circuits. Will it be perfect... doubtful there is always a margin for error and danger but there is at least the proper means by which it will be done and with the AI's built into the Silver navy craft we will be able to coordinate them. Other measures for a ground based AI are also in the works if we can get it going."