In choosing the title for this noble venture, I pared down the many (read: three) options to two. You can guess what one of them was, if you can't, seek medical help as you may have brain damage. The other prospective title was 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman'. However, I felt the need to honor rock and roll more than my female African-American heritage of which I haven't any.

As a general disclaimer: These are just like my opinions, man. You take no offense and you think my entries are brilliant *waves hand in front of your face*.

Topic 1, Lightsaber Forms:
Forms are just flavor text, more a philosophy than anything else. A sword is fundamentally the same weapon whether the user is an adherent of Kendo, Wushu, Viking/Dark Age-style or whatever. We all cut, thrust and parry. It's how we go about doing it that varies a little and it's more about you than your style.

Mind you, certain philosophies of combat seem to suit a Jedi or a Sith. Niman and Soresu are pretty much canon Jedi philosophy. Juyo is Dark Side as hell, and perhaps to a lesser degree, Djem So. Makashi perhaps could go either way, but perhaps a teeny bit more Sith-y. Ataru seems about as aggressive as a Jedi might get. Shii-Cho could also go either way, but it's also possibly aggressive.

Anyway, that's it. Fun to think about at work or some other boring time.