Day Six of Project

Something interesting happened, and I don't know what to make of it.

As I said in the previous entry, today I was going to put inhibitors on PAPI. And I did. Everything went smoothly, until the last one.

The last inhibitor was really more of a failsafe; if the device that the AI resided on at the time was shut off, the AI would be, too. That way, should it deviate from the intent of its programming, a simple flick of the switch would stop it. The AI, however, doesn't seem to like that thought. Every time I would begin to install it, the program would stop and a dialogue box would pop up, saying, "Error! The action you are attempting to carry out does not exist. Please try again."

Worried, I had tried more attempts, finally rewriting the inhibitor: now, the AI will stay on, but will remain powerless if its vessel is powered off. For some reason, this was an acceptable compromise, as no dialogue boxes appeared and the program was downloaded without a hitch.

I wonder if PAPI had taken matters into its own hands while I worked on Alice's voice; maybe, during that time, it had done some self-evolution. Unfortunately, I was unable to really prove this (outside of the failure with the programs and the dialogue box), but I will be keeping a closer eye on the AI, now. Especially since tomorrow I shall give it its voice.

((Summary/Thesis: The usual inhibitors for civilian-use droids were put in place; however, the failsafe inhibitor was rewritten so it could download properly. This inhibitor is also why Papi was conscious even after her datapad was shut off, when the repo man came.))