The body is nearly complete; just a few coats of paint, and it will be done! In the meantime I have begun to work on the AI.

I am debating whether or not to include certain action statements for the AI... If it is going to be as smart as I want it to be, then they should be unnecessary. Although, I might include one or two. I'm not sure yet.

One thing I am certain about is that this AI will not have any link aggregations or any other permanent connections to a network. In fact, the end product will be the end product. I cannot have my enemies stealing the AI and adding their own things; it will be much harder to make the AI unique in the parts it uses but this will also ensure I do not have to deal with the possibility of corporate espionage. No upgrades!!!

I may have to allow room for data to be added to the cultures and languages. The slicer I hired is a sloppy one, and it is possible that he may have missed some things. As long as he has most of it, though, I will be happy.