Day Five of Project.

Today I left the AI alone, and instead focused on putting together the audio from my recordings of Alice, for her voice. Right now the AI is speechless, though it still has use of dialogue boxes. By putting together all of the recorded words of my daughter, I hope to take one more step towards forever immortalizing Alice. She deserved so much better...but I digress.

Not having any responsibilities outside of this project has left me with a lot of free time, and already my file on Alice is nearly 1 gigabyte big. Once I finish, though, I will need to get some rest. I have stayed up long enough, and turning this AI into something more than a computer being is going to require my complete attention.

Tomorrow, before I give PAPI its voice. I will need to put in the inhibitors that will prevent it from developing bloodlust for us. I would hate to see my dear Alice's memorial become a monster.

((Summary/Thesis: The AI's voice will be that of Alice's, and a file of everything Alice has spoken that was recorded will be uploaded.))