My body is coming along beautifully. Only two days since I collected the material, and already the basic framework is complete. This will be my best masterpiece yet. I can already taste the credits that will be thrown at me.

While I work on the body, I hired a young slicer to download any and all language programs and information on cultures. Obviously my AI will be more than a glorified translator droid, but royalty does love a middle man. Just take a look at Jabba the Hutt. Of course I'm stretching the term "royalty" here, but the same principle applies. Anyway, my hope is that I am able to complete everything before those files are done, so then it can otherwise be ready for a presentation.

I also did some more readings on the Shadow King, and it appears that my target client has a taste for fire... I will certainly be instilling this into the AI. I have also decided to make it more bloodthirsty and aggressive; after all, if I know anything it's that crime lords love violence, especially if it works in their favour. Perhaps the Shadow King will agree.