Day Four of the Project

I know I have not written anything yesterday, but that was simply because I have been making such excellent progress! I did not sleep at all last night.

Yesterday I began putting in the basic programming, and I must say I am impressed. All of the functions so far have been entered in smoothly. Of course, most of them are just the basic tasks, but I hope to build upward.

The AI does not have a personality code yet, as I am still working on Alice's. But the responses I was receiving gave me great hope. As a precaution I have taken to testing that it is able to complete each task before I move on, and let me say, the results are splendid!

The AI is able to learn quickly, much quicker than I originally predicted. As a test, I told it my preference for caf, and had it order the drink for me. I then waited ten minutes, before once again asking for a cup of caf. Without any more prompting from me, the AI not only filled out the order correctly, but even asked for approval! Wonderful, I say! Truly, it will be but a simple task to make it believe it is Alice, if it can remember an order after one try.

((Summary/Thesis: Chubani runs a test of the AI, to make sure everything is working properly, and the AI passes.))