It has taken a few days to get everything I need, not only for the brain but for the body as well. But. I have the materials I need, and I will begin to build everything shortly.

I've decided to create a sweet, harmless looking body for the AI. A doll, really. This way, I can impress the King even more, for I am confident he will underestimate its abilities. Pompous idiot. But hey, clients are clients, and if he pays who am I to complain? Especially if he pays well -- my projected cost for this is a quarter of a million credits, or more. Granted, the materials really weren't as costly as I expected, but every man needs to make a living, right?

I still need to think of ideas for the body, though. I may upload a few ideas into my next entry.

No. That would be disastrous, should my rivals get their hands on this journal. I don't want anyone to see this!