Dear Diary,
Today has certainly been... Interesting. I went through the door that I was talking about. I regret doing so, but there is no going back now. When I went through the door I arrived at a dark room. Still no windows. Still no lights. Still no people. I inspected the room as I went through. It was a bunch of doors with a large desk in the middle. Kind of like one you'd see a secretary in. There was also much medical equipment scattered around the area. This was certainly a hospital.
I felt as if I needed to find someone... Or something. I didn't know what I was looking for but I felt I would find it if I keep looking. So I did. I went through another door to find what would lie await beyond it. It was a room identical to my hospital room. Another hospital room. I searched the room and suddenly my heart stopped beating as I looked at the hospital bed. I found someone. Someone dead. I was not alone in this hospital. I searched each identical hospital room, each with its own corpse. This hospital was no ordinary hospital. This hospital was practically a graveyard.
I left the large room with a desk in a panic, passing by piles upon piles of bodies and bones scattered throughout the building. I ran down the hall and face-first into a door. My face still slightly hurts from the encounter. I swiftly got myself up to open the door and on the other side were many, many more of the dead. I noticed though, that this room was a cafeteria. I recognized the layout. I swore I've seen something like this before.
I was hungry. This cafeteria was like heaven to me. I ran into a walkway that led into the kitchen and opened the fridge as fast as I could. I noticed the skeletons so I assumed that I'd need to eat imperishable foods to be safe, seeing as the corpses had time to decay. I looked for some imperishable foods and found a nice, big can of salted bantha meat. I ate it and it tasted amazing. I also took a bottle of water out of the fridge to drink and another just to take with me. I made sure to eat in the kitchen. I couldn't bare eating in a room filled with as much dead bodies and skeletons as the cafeteria.
I went back on my journey. Now I just wanted to leave this place. This hospital was eerie and just gave me bad vibes. I continued walking through the halls of the building until I saw what looked like it might be the entrance. It had the secretary desk, chairs to wait in, etc. I knew the way out was through the doors in front of me. I went through the doors and beyond them was...
Endless desert for miles. I was heart broken.
Getting away from this hospital may not be as easy as I thought.
Sincerely Maricana