I have heard that the Shadow King, a certain Romeo Sin, had been garnering the attention of individuals within the underground. That, along with his name, has attracted the attention of myself, as well. After all, like attracts like, no?

As of late, my clientele have not been as...abound as I would like. Therefore, I shall construct an AI, and the Shadow King shall be my target. By target, I mean person I will create the AI for. It certainly won't be for free; the plan I have in mind will be costly, but I am willing to risk it. I am confident that, once Mr. Sin sees the final product, he will practically throw money at me. And then, my name shall ripple through the higher-ups, and business will once again boom, and I shall live like the king of kings!

Already, I have gathered a list of the materials I need. I will not put down the inner core materials, in case this ever gets stolen, but I know the body will primarily be made of orichalum, nutorium, and agrinium.

This AI will be a really excellent system, I can just feel it.