Day One of Project

I have decided to write a journal detailing my creation of my own way of immortalizing my dear Alice...

Today I have begun making a list of the functions for my AI, who will take the place of Alice. That...didn't sound right. Let me explain.

My daughter, Alice, died two weeks ago in a hit-and-run. Due to my own cursed laziness, we didn't have enough money and...She...died. While other fathers may have drank away their sorrows of losing the only light in their life, I instead decided to make a memorial to my daughter -- an AI with an outstanding intelligence, yet all of the mannerisms of Alice. I know I can accomplish it, especially with my new motivation. If the AI is successful, I may apply for a copyright, see about having copies made. Of course, the first one shall always be mine, but the other AIs can have their own personality, or none. I don't care -- I just want Alice back.

Now, for my list. I have decided to come up with everything that my AI (who will be called PAPI, or Personal Assistant and Piloting Intelligence, should it ever hit the shelves) should have. These are not only traits, but functions too:
+A sense of humour. Alice was forever coming up with jokes, though whether they were funny or not was another thing.
+No bloodlust. This is not only a safety precaution; Alice, while stubborn, would never willingly hurt anything.
+Completely obedient. This one is simply for functionality. It wouldn't do for PAPI to become overly independent.
+Slicing ability. Always a good thing to have.
+Piloting ability.
+Childlike behaviour... I will have to show it video of Alice, and instruct it to copy her behaviour. Otherwise, this will all be for nothing.

Later, I may add in the smaller details, like keeping dates and such, but I think that should be enough for now. Tomorrow I hope to be able to find a suitable datapad to upload the AI into... I know there are plenty laying around here somewhere.

((Summary/Thesis: Chubani lost his daughter, and was inspired to create an AI that would not only pay his ever-growing debts, but also keep the memory of Alice alive.))