[08/25/16 - "Adventures of a Shard and a Zabrak, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Long Thread Titles"]
I think I'm finally making some real progress with Thatch's abduction. I've managed to land a job with Rusty, the karking owner of RCFC, AND he's promised to help me with my own quest. Can you believe it?
Here's what happened. The other night on...ugh, I can't even remember the planet name. It was some world on the outer rim of Sith territory. I had heard that there was a Sith Lord who frequented this one cantina, Wookie's Backside or something like that. When I went to question him about Thatch, though, his head ended up exploding! I got blood and guts all over my clothes, completely ruining them. Turns out Rusty was hunting the guy, too. But next thing I knew, we were both on his ship and making a break for it.
Turns out Rusty's some sort of being called a Shard. Near as I could understand, they're lil crystal people who operate droid bodies, like a cold, immobile captain aboard a ship. Only I don't think he can fly....maybe. It was a little weird at first, seeing him, because his head is basically a shiny metal skull. He's nice enough, though. Like I said, he offered me a job as an intern while he helps me hunt down Thatch, and we're even gonna train.
Something has been bothering me, though. He never really told me why he wanted to kill that Sith. Not that I'm complaining, but... I don't know. There's a story there, I'm sure of it. And one of these days I'm going to find out. I'm also going to find out what happened to the other Shards. Surely Skully isn't the only one? And his assistant. Koko, I think her name was? She has horrible taste in fashion and clothes. Who seriously thinks that silk is a good material for space travel??
Me being hired probably isn't going to go over well at Skully's job. Even though he's like the owner or whatever and can do what he wants, I still don't think the other employees will be happy that a nobody like me got a job as his intern. I don't even want to think what Koko will be like. Or maybe she's really nice, who knows. Maybe she's even his girlfriend?
No, that wouldn't make sense. If she was his girlfriend she wouldn't be working for him.
Anyway, I called Rouk to give him the news. It doesn't seem like things have gotten better at home, but they thankfully haven't gotten worse. First thing I'm doing is sending some money back home...after I get all my necessary supplies here. No way am I letting Skully pay for my stuff. Well, granted, he IS, but only with money I've earned from him.
I think I'm going to go ahead and end the entry here. I hear music playing. It's kind of groovy, actually. Similar to the Jumping Reeks from back home.
Write again,