To: The people of the Galaxy
I stretch my hand out to those who live beneath the gangs of the once mighty Hutt Cartels and their new overlords, the Black Sun. We know the lives you lead, the pain of a slave collar, the lack of hope you may feel lying at the feet of the crime lords. The gangs have always played a role in this galaxy, and their position is one that may never be fully removed. However, even now there are those who live free from their rule, who are not at the mercy of them. No, I don't speak of those living within the realms of the galactic powers. I speak of free people who do not have those great powers to rely on to save them. There is a light beyond that dark horizon, my friends. Will you seek it? Will you grasp it?​
Here, today, I speak to you not to bring false hope but to say that there are those who do stand at your side, who will reach out that hand to guide you toward that freedom. To free you of the burden of slavery beneath the crime lords. Our hand is outstretched, waiting. Will you take it?​
We are not a rebellion.​
We are not an empire.​
We are Starfall.​