Leadership - Those who occupy leadership positions in the Helix Syndicate don't often get there by chance.
  • [Director-General] Tryphon - [Data Expunged]
  • [Coming Soon!] [Director] Cyslin Mansar - Most gladiators don't end up as information brokers. She is not most gladiators.
  • [Coming Soon!] [Director] Lienar Lok-Sabha - Lienar sold out the Strategic Intelligence Service for a cushy new job and hasn't looked back. Maybe he's afraid of what he'll see.
  • [Coming Soon!] [Director] Sev'ek Anj'ot - Sev'ek cannibalized his father, and has no intentions of falling to a similar fate.
  • [General] Clelon of Pol'Zum - There are but two things General Clelon holds dearly: his perfumes, and the Divine Right of Kings.
  • [Coming Soon!] [Admiral] Miraz ud-Darjat - Carefree, Admiral ud-Darjat cruises the hyperlanes, filling holonet frequencies with his golden voice and his cargo hold with plunder.
Lieutenants - These mercenaries are often seen acting as leaders for small bands of Syndicate personnel, or working in teams to accomplish various ends on behalf of the Syndicate. They are mostly scum, scraped from the various refuse bins of the galaxy... But they are still dangerous combatants, and cunning commanders.
  • Aldabert - The last of an obscure (and thoroughly absurd) sect of Gand Findsmen.
  • Chretien - This Mon Calamari smuggler knows his way around a disruptor rifle better than most.
  • Deglarch - Morgukai oaths are for life, except when they aren't.
  • Derrenger - What do you call a Trandoshan who decided enslaving Wookiees wasn't hardcore enough for him? Bad news.
  • Grigori - Grigori may never win the heart of his beloved, Anastasia Kalashnikov, but he'll die trying.
  • Ogedei - Contrary to the rumors about war crimes perpetrated against Yuuzhan-Vong, Ogedei is a perfectly nice Besalisk... A real Dexter Jettster.
  • Rahgot - Most humanoids find that their heads can fit rather snugly in the hand of a Mandallian Giant. It's for this reason they speak a little more softly when Rahgot is around.
Prime Divisions - The Prime Divisions answer only to the Director-General and his Prime Directorate. They form the backbone of many of the Syndicate's most lucrative intelligence gathering operations. The other Directors make use of them by necessity, contacting and requesting their services through the Prime Liaisons.
  • [Coming Soon!] The Clarified - These former Wardens of the Sky have had their minds twisted, and now they serve the Syndicate.
  • The Monitors - A strictly organized network of information brokers and spies.
  • The Processors - Stripped of will and identity, these taciturn cyborgs compose the Syndicate's elite corps of cyber security specialists.
Affiliate Groups - These entities share close ties with the Helix Syndicate but are not formal members. They vary between organizations puppeted directly by the Syndicate to the various fringe groups they have decided to form a partnership with.
  • Clan Sharmat - Most Mandalorians refuse to associate with or acknowledge Clan Sharmat... For good reasons.
  • Rodian Junk Cartel - You'd be surprised just how profitable scrap metal is.
Security Forces - The generic combat personnel fielded by the Helix Syndicate. Recruits are mainly derived from unscrupulous mercenaries, discharged soldiers, law enforcement washouts, and the other dregs of society most people wouldn't want working for them. The Syndicate opens new doors for these degenerates... And the opportunity to vent their frustrations with violence.
  • Helix Syndicate Enforcers - Common brutes, often seen rounding up debtors and intimidating locals. Useful and versatile, if nothing else.
  • Helix Syndicate Shock Troopers - Cyborg mercenaries. As if further description would be needed.
  • [Coming Soon!] Helix Syndicate Marines - Shock Troopers who don't get space-sick sometimes end up in the marines.
Special Forces - These select, unique units are among the best the Helix Syndicate has to offer. They're fielded only for the highest priority missions. Or if someone pays a lot of money to procure their services, but that would automatically make it a high priority mission, wouldn't it?
  • Force 32 - Who knows what daring military feats Force 32 could pull off if they would only shut up?
  • Force 43 - Top of the line assassin droids, now grouped together for maximum effect.
  • Hell's Heralds - Embedding Mandalorian Rally Masters into an already elite mercenary unit was one of the better executive decisions made.
  • Screamin' Demons - People who mistake Dazouri for hapless farmers typically don't make that mistake twice.
  • [Coming Soon!] The Astral Symphony
  • [Coming Soon!] Talon Squadron