"A Warlord of Anirc thisss clossse to Bassstion? My, you're far from your holdingsss," the fork-tongued Sluissi spoke, his scales shimmered a fiery orange. Krait Taipan was not native to this region, but the fanatic religion of the Primeval had drawn the serpentine creature from Sluis Van to become a prominent religious figure in their once great empire.
"I would rip out that tongue of yours, but you're more valuable to us alive," Delekhan spoke, a Gulandi belonging to the Dead Heart raiders, vicious pillagers that roamed about Anirc and its surrounding systems, culling local populaces and stealing vast swathes of wealth and technology.
The Primeval tolerated the Gulandi for their efficiency with hit-and-run tactics. While the Primeval had largely collapsed, the Gulandi were still puppets of those that remained, but strife began to settle back on Gulamendis. Ozuvyn Sar-Sargoth grew restless, and it was only a matter of time before the High King severed any remaining ties to the Primeval and considered former allies open season.
"Another ssuccessssful raid," Krait Taipan said, quickly distracting the Gulandi raider. With protection no longer guaranteed by the upper echelons of the Primeval, Taipan was quick to bite his tongue and tuck his tail, in a matter of speaking. He did not dare risk the wrath of one so cruel.
"That is why I have come," Delekhan motioned with his hand, the table in the conference hall burst to life. "Footage from a human vessel has been leaked onto the ShadowNet. We, Gulamendis, are believed to be the perpetrators of this carnage, and while we would have delighted in such a raid, alas, it was not us."
A holographic image displayed the carnage as an engineering crew attempted to bar themselves in, but someone was breaking in. The screen cut to static when blaster fire opened but, but the Sluissi was quick to rewind and pause. There was most definitely a Gulandi standing in the frame of the image.
"Your lies are as plain as day," Taipan said, slithering around the table as remaining Warlords of the Primeval watched in quiet meditation, he poked a long talon at the image of a Gulandi woman on the table, "You're bold, you raid a civilian vesssel contracted by my men, then claim it wass not you. I thought you had come to apologizze for having mistaken the vesssel asss unaffiliated to me."
In a flash of movement, the Gulandi pounced. Delekhan closed the distance faster than the serpent thought the twisted Sephi could, his dirk was to his throat, and Taipan kept quiet. "Like I said, snake, give me a reason and your tongue is mine."
The room settled, and Delekhan slowly pulled away, sheathing his blade. He placed a hand on his hip and motioned to the recovered footage, "Look, there," he pointed closer, "Her armor is unalike ours, where are the barbs? the jagged spikes? Our armor is made to be a weapon, hers is not, it is purely defensive."
Delekhan could have pointed out a thousand things wrong with what he saw, the tactics they used, the weapons, the boarding craft, right down to their hair and their speech. Their speech, wait, it was a Gulandi. Dread suddenly filled him, and Delekhan knew he was deep in trouble now. This was simply not possible, that was not a Gulandi raider, but she spoke their tongue.
Silence filled the hall, a murmur swept through in the ensuing moments. It felt like forever before the raider heard the irritating sound of the snakes voice, "Asss you were sssaying, Delekhan? She speaks Gulandi, no? It iss not a language many know."
Realization dawned on the warlords present. Shouting erupted in the room, blades and blasters were drawn as heated debates exploded throughout the ship. The Gulandi had turned on the Primeval after all, and they looked to deny it as long as they could.
Delekhan saw what was coming, this was going to be a slaughter to him and his people present. He had to get out now before it got out of hand, but that would seal the political fate of all Gulandi, they would be outcasts of the Primeval. Blamed for a raid they did not commit, but his life was worth more than their opinions.
A brutish human from Bastion approached Delekhan, the Gulandi raider made a dash for the doors. When victory was not certain for the Gulandi, they fled. It was in their nature.