"You knew. You coward, you knew and didn't tell me anything." Shryke slammed into the office of the Cenidary High Priest, "Tell me the real story of how I got here before I have your head." "And how would you get that?" Elsmos asked. "By reaching over and ripping it off of your shoulders."
"You really shouldn't threaten me, I must admit I lied to you about the warrior monks, they're actually less ceremonial than I would have you believe."
"I know, I already killed them."

That caught Elsmos by surprise, "And why is that?" Shryke leaned forward over the rudimentary desk, "Because I tore them limb from limb, since they decided I should talk to you." Elsmos nodded, "Yes that would do it. Alright what do you want to know?"
"Alright. Well for the most part everything I originally told you is true, the only difference is the Sykagoja came down because you were one of their own, and they heard your psychic cries. After the man who brought you here died, he was afflicted with some ailment we know not which, we saw great promise in you as a specimen. Do you know how hard the Cenidary Priests have fought to try and learn more about Titan Biology? Years, centuries even and here we were, presented with an unmissable opportunity. The Sykagoja demanded we stop our experiments, and so we did we do not have the resources to fight a war."
"You tortured me. And then thought it best to lie to me?"
"Well, given how you have reacted since you found the lab, I presume you found the lab, it was wise decision to lie."
"That's no excuse. You are the reason it took me so long to leave stasis. Your people are the cause of my nightmares. Give me what I am owed or I will smite all of you down and take your ship, leaving none of you behind."
"Fine. Let us go." Elsmos said.

Shryke lead Elsmos down the corridor until they arrived at the armory, a single blade was contained inside. "That's it?" Shryke asked. The priest shrugged, "It is a Sykagoja Blade made of Alchemized Eldar Steel, equal in strength to the Sunfire Swords of the Paladins of the Adamite Tower, and far larger than normal as well. As for your armor, it is on the floor, also provided by the Sykagoja, and made out of Alchemized Eldar Steel, funnily enough also too large for them, but the correct size for you, despite being an old set of armor. Now let us go get your ship."
The ship was a simple enough affair, a plain starfighter as the rest of galaxy would call it. "Here you are, now leave us be." Shryke nodded, he had a stachel with his belongings and his new sword that would be enough for him. "Good bye, if I ever see you again, I will kill you." Shryke said. "And if I ever see you again, I shall have far more guards and have them kill you." Elsmos replied. Closing the cockpit door after him, Shryke turned on the ship, all the lessons he had received on flight in his year at the monastery being used in the fullest, and flew away going to hyperspace far away from Weik. It was time for a change of scenery.
The spacer had ripped him off, Shryke was sure of it, but he didn't care enough about the money to bargain for a better deal, what awaited him on the planet was a far greater prize than the ship would ever be worth. "Not sure why you'd want to get stranded here at Becker's Port, but whatever flies your ship." Shryke breathed deeply, free at last with money in his pocket, with a whole galaxy to explore. This would prove adventurous. "I'm not staying."