Hello folks.

As a new month begins, another month ends, and a tradition begins. From now on, starting at the beginning of a month, a member of The Elysium Empire will be selected as the member of the month. The Member of the month will be selected for their overall actions, not just their RP, and not just their OOC behavior, but both combined.

So let's get to it. December's Member of The Month is....

Carla Carla

So let me start by saying, this woman is absolutely amazing both IC and OOC. Carla has been on Chaos for Six years and in that time she has: Been the head of a major faction for over a year, become the queen of Mnemosyne and owner of MandalArms, Joined my Elysium Empire and helped tremendously.
Carla isn't just awesome ICly. OOCly she has been a great friend in our Discord, she is a voice actress, she has met more celebrities than I can count, she has shared some of her holiday decorating and let me say, yall need to take notes. She has done all of this while navigating some very serious IRL challenges at the same time.

So let's give her a round of applause, and if you haven't had a chance to speak or RP with her, what are you waiting for!?