The Elysium Empire Navy Command would like very much to announce our plans to build a powerful navy in which to protect our people. The plans include the development of weapons, technology, ships, vehicles, and training programs for our personnel.

Our navy is being developed with an eye towards synergy and independence simultaneously. One such ship we have developed is the Makashi class light cruiser, which we have successfully built 2 of them and have 8 more slated for construction later this year. The two currently undergoing trials after their recent completion are the HMS Shi-Cho, and the HMS Makashi herself - the leader of the Makashi class light cruiser line.

Also recently, we have finished our first full wing - that’s 36 fighters - of the Ferrum class light bombers. Many more of this model are slated for construction in the near future and this model will also be available for purchasing by customers of our merchant fleet. We are accepting orders effective immediately, but please be patient as manufacturing time will be a factor.

We have many more projects under way to construct a perfect fleet to protect our people, and a select few of our new products will be available to the open market to bring in a healthy revenue to fuel the Elysium Empire economy.

It is also worth mentioning the tremendous assistance that has been given to us by the prestigious MandalArms company, and Vienstien Labs and Innovation. Without their help, none of this would be possible.

All Hail King Heath Valhoun! And best wishes to Rex Valhoun and Lady Loreena Arenais!

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