-Starship operating costs: Going off Jorus Estimates.
-Typical Docking: 20-500 Credits per day, depending on Station
-Typical Tune up fee for the whole of the Crop Duster: 2,500CR-5000CR
-Typical Cost of Hyperdrive overhaul (Every Thirteen to twenty Jumps: 1000CR
-Food Full: 500CR
-Water Full: 1000CR
-Fuel Full: 1000CR for full cells.
-Power Cell recharge (total cost: 250CR per Cell)
-Additional unforseen costs: (Trade tx, extra supplies etc) 1000CR
Typical landing and Top off of all Supplies Costs around 5000CR
Typical complete fill & Overhaul (Tune up, Hyperdrive) 10,000CR