Alyesa was never officially removed as Senator of Carida - she yielded her office to a Junior Senator named Lanax Grayson in order to focus on duties as Chief Executive Officer of Incom Corporation. Shortly after yielding her office as Senator of Carida, Incom Corporation decided to expand it's horizons and opportunities and declared officially they would revoke contracts from the Galactic Republic for the time being until at such a point they could be re-negotiated. Alyesa at some point made the move to Ranklinge where Incom Corporation had many connections - both in the political and corporate fields. There, she began dabbling in the idea of resuming Senatorial duties for the Republic whilst maintaining her CEO position at Incom. It wasn't long before she found herself on the ballot on the next general election and thanks to the connections Incom Corporation had and the massive influence that the Organa family held - Alyesa won with little competition. She became the 77th Senator of Ranklinge in 844 ABY.