I felt it today.
It isn't the first time something echoed through the Nether since I returned. They happen, ripples in a pond that I have never fully managed to draw my toes out from. Whatever I did there, the day [member="Cerbera"] drew me back out again, that piece of my soul is still there. A tether, if you will, and the vibrations of large movements shiver up it to the rest of me. It anchors me to that place, that mountain and the spires. To what I did. To remind me of the cost I paid though I would pay it again without hesitation.
Every time something swims past, I get that vague sensation through that. Usually I can ignore it.
But this one shook like a giant wrapping his fists in chains and thrashing.
There was no ignoring it.
I don't know what it means yet. Since my own return from the Nether I have kept my focus on all of the things that cemented me to the here and now. This place, this life, instead of that hellscape of sand and cold and pain.
But now something shakes.
I just can't help but feel as though it is familiar.
Maybe Cerbera will know....

Irajah sat back in her chair, frowning at the journal for a long moment. She would have been happy to leave the Netherworld behind for good. Her interest in death, after all, was only what happened up to that moment where the light went out. Once that was past?
She pushed back from her desk suddenly, flipping the book closed.
His screams could be heard in the Nether.
And someone else. Reaching within.
She didn't know what it was yet. Who it was. Could not attach it to [member="Ra Vizsla"] or [member="Darth Carnifex"]. Not Yet.
But it disturbed her to her core.