Duty of Service Law
Enacted, 835 ABY
One of the Keshiri Government's newer laws, and one put in place following the change in government that had welcomed the newest leader for the planet, this law was a mandatory term of service for all physically able citizens of Kesh, the term of service being three years.
While not forcing those over the age of thirty, (or equivalent age for species of longer or shorter life spans than the Human and Keshiri one) those of adult age are put into Compulsory service. This method of Conscription is to ensure a strong and able-bodied populace, one who can use the time to gain a sense of discipline and order in their changing society.
Benefits given to conscripts after their time of service will include limited financial aid towards schooling after their time, or should they choose to remain, the opportunity to seek officer training should they show particular devotion during their conscripted time. All Conscripts will be paid the same salary as those of equal enlisted rank for the duration of their service, as well as pay increases equal to any ranks gained. Furthermore, insurance including Health and life will be given to every soldier.
There are those exempt from this conscription, specifically those who are not physically or mentally fit to serve. Those unable to be conscripted will perform other state-funded jobs with equal benefits unless specific circumstances restrict them from these positions as well.

Conscription is mandatory, avoidance of such is a state crime, whose punishment is significant fines or a year in a state penitentiary.