Name: Kaas Station
Image Source: http://assets.inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2012/11/Dyson-Sphere-537x341.jpg
Location: Sith Worlds, Dromund System, orbiting over a huge portion of Dromund Kaas.
Affiliation: Saiba Group
Population: Comparable to the Citadel Station orbiting over Telos IV. Its population can be roughly divided into three groups: Saiba employees; scientists, engineers and a station security force, refugeers coming from all around Primeval Space and dedicated colonists coming back to Dromund Kaas to repopulate it.
Defenses: A corporate patrol fleet bolstered by a Primeval support fleet.
Points of Interest:
  • Entertainment District: Multiple modules attached to each other form a coherent district centered around the entertainment needs of the workers, scientists, colonists and refugees. Cantinas, little bars and big clubs, all are represented in this district.
  • Residential Sectors: The huge swaths of territory dedicated towards the living arrangements for the Kaas Station denizens. Saiba Group took lessons from the ancient Citadel Station and ensured that there would be plenty of space for people to live in. All in an effort to minimize the threat of civil unrest in the face of a large concentration of citizens on a small surface area. Even still the demise of the Host Lord had been surprising and the steady influx of refugees from nearby Primeval systems as a result are starting to press heavy on the station's resources.
  • Docking Bays: Consisting of various docking modules to accommodate variable need the Kaas Station docking bays are highly advanced, spacious and as such are capable of processing the heavy inflow of resources, material and manpower coming to Kaas Station.
  • Scientific Centers: Kaas Station's first and foremost goal is the restoration of Dromund Kaas to its former state (and maybe even to improve it in ways), as such the Station is outfitted with advanced laboratories, engineering centers and other institutes were scientists come together to work on the betterment of the planet. It's here that the terraforming processes are theorized, expanded upon and eventually put into motion. There is also a dedicated Ithorian Compound attached to the Centers. A logical inclusion considering their experience with healing broken and wounded worlds.
  • KSD Headquarters: The Kaas Station Defense Force's Headquarters. It is from this location that most of the station’s security efforts are directed. Locations like the barracks, the armories, training fields et cetera can all be found here.

Description: Kaas Station took many inspirations from the Citadel Station, an ancient effort to restore the then-destroyed Telos. It is a huge network of linked nodes, hubs and stations that combined covers a large portion of the planet it orbits. The primary purpose of the station is to provide the Saiba workers, researchers, engineers and scientists a place to live and work whilst the surface of Kaas is still unfit for habitation.
History: Years ago the Host Lord of the Primeval came to the Saiba Group with a problem. This problem involved the protection of her newly acquired worlds from hostile nations, her eyes were set on the Ocelot Defense Platforms which provided unseen amounts of firepower in relatively small dimensions. In return Irani asked for a multitude of things; monetary goods, space within the Primeval collective for facilities and huge amounts of wealth for the restoration of Dromund Kaas - whose surface had been decimated by asteroid strikes directed by the Mandalorians during their invasion. She agreed on all the terms. And so the Saiba Group started its efforts within the Dromund System, to reclaim the glory of old and improve on it where possible. This project had been long coming.
Utilizing his connections with the various entities of power within the Galaxy Irani acquired numerous amounts of terraforming technology. First and foremost a contract of sorts with a rogue Yuuzhan Vong Cabal on Rodia, the shapers and workers of the sect were escorted from the world and were given their own department within Saiba R&D. An artificial moon / orbital weather station was gained from the Black Suns through a mutually beneficial accord of patron-subject relationships.
Through its position within the Techno Union the Saiba Group also managed to analyze the terraform processor on New Geddes. All of this was gathered together by the scientists of the Saiba Group, knowledge from different sources grouped together to form a singular plan to restore Dromund Kaas once again.
After many months an enormous orbital network of interconnected modules and stations was constructed over Kaas as the final preparation ground for the restoration of Dromund Kaas itself.
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