Non-monetary bids are permitted and encouraged!​
We retain the exclusive right to deny any bid for any reason. If you cannot afford something or are bartering "hot" goods, you may be asked to change or replace your bid. Please be considerate of others and bid fair! c:​
Everything listed herein is property of Ashe the Reaper and was possessed/acquired IC; the standing exception is the "Armored Fossil" collection, which was produced by the Techno Union and assembled by Ri'ess Regal Drives to commemorate a millennia of growth, the Corusca Wings Kit to promote RRDI's evolving technology, and some canon technology. Datacrons produced courtesy of Cassandra Cinthra (@Enigma).​

Lot A:
Esfandia-Class Carrier Cruiser (comes in OEM color of choice)​
"Brand new, fresh from the orbital assembly line. Comes in one of eight different finishes. Free express delivery upon auction completion to location of choice."

Lot B:
10% of Ri'ess Regal Drives Shares​
"Officially, exactly thirty percent of the market shares of RRDI's stocks lies unclaimed - and with due reason. In this rare occasion, a solid ten percent of the esteemed aeronautics/astronautics pioneer is up for grabs!"

Lot C:
Lifetime VIP Passes & Paid Space Fare for Two to all Saybin Pulsar Hyperplex venues​
"Concessions not included."

Lot D:
Corusca Wings Upgrade Kit - Elite​
"A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, RRDI is celebrating its success and new, exclusive line of light ordinance weapons by compiling one very special upgrade package for one lucky bidder. Includes free installation and delivery."

Lot E:
Datacron: A Comprehensive Report on the Sorcerers of Tund after the Four Hundred Years of Darkness​
"Holographic documentation of Tablets from Tund copied by Circe Savan; recorded documentation of Queen Alachei Mnemenos' findings and studies of the Sorcerers of Tund during the Galactic Republic dominion, as well as the techniques observed to create purple Force Lightning; reports of the interrogation of one Tund Sorcerer and indigenous plants allegedly used in the curing of conjured poisons as well as data collected on the poison used against the Galactic Republic."

Lot F:
Datacron: Faux Fire of Ashe the Reaper​
"A live, indexed account of the staple technique of 'Ashe the Reaper' which utilizes Pyrokinesis, Illusionism and minor Sorcery to conjure and control vast, illusive flames that feel but do no harm." (High Knight level)

Lot G:
"Armored Fossil" Collection​
"An homage to the past and future of Confederate ingenuity; this fully outfitted squad of B1 Battle Droids and new Adjudicator Super Battle Droids blends old and new in a stunning display of power. Originally made as a collector's piece, but an excellent starting package for upcoming and aspiring mercenaries. (Thanks to Cassandra Cinthra for the Madine-Class contribution. A-2370 units paid for by RRDI.)"
Lot H:
"Forcehunter" Bundle​
"Force Sensitives giving you trouble? Give them hell with this personally hand-picked unit of high-tech droids and weapons, exclusively assembled for the Saybin Auction!"
Lot I:
1 Custom Vong-Formed Creature (may require Species submission; cannot be Aal'run Flower or Ragna Dragon)​
"Must be willing to reveal identity to and coordinate with Master Shaper. Your anonymity is valued and respected. No information will be disclosed to any individual, party or organization."

Lot J:
"Previously owned by Lady Ashelotte Malfrost; never used."

Lot K:
"Previously owned by Lady Ashelotte Malfrost; never used. Upgrades brand new."
Lot L:
Lady Ashelotte's Assorted Collection of Ornate Weapons​
"A personal collection gathered over the years by Lady Ashelotte Malfrost, most have never fired a single shot."
Lot M:
"You don't want to know... or do you?"

Lot N:
"Courtesy of [Identity Redacted]."

Lot O:
"Warning: May contain dark aura; wearing may be accompanied by mild haemophilia and apathy; not safe for children or adults less than 34-DD."

Lot P:
1 Solace-Class Five-Zero-Zero Starfighter (MMS-500.A1 Non-AMD)​
"The original Solace-Class Heavy Starfighter; out of a series of only a few hundred in total ever produced and production shut down, Ri'ess Regal Drives' founder and proprietor made the sound decision of recalling all model fighters to a Skunkworks holding facility upon the dissolution of the Dominion and the Mnenchei Monarchy. They remain in custody under heavily-orbital-guarded hangars until today, however from time to time, one is intentionally released to the public as a highly-valued rarity."

Lot Q:
Data Report of Project Pantheon by Undisclosed Slicer + Replicable Data on Czar Equipment​
"For auction is the full data report collected from an unnamed slicer agent during classified operations as well as details on augmentations and ordinance. No enlistee identities are disclosed in the report offered."

Lot R:
Vinithi Genetic Sample​
"Simple minuet biomass samples directly from a healthy adult female Vinithi specimen known as Circe Savan; the genetic sequence personally related to Mrs. Savan's identity has been removed and purged, but all material and data necessary to merge foreign DNA and form a new model is included." (Sorry, Circe-memorabilia fanboys)