Just raising awareness that desperate self-proclaimed 40 year old man Kaine is still creating accounts, and that there really are people like this out there. Nobody wants this kind of drama, Kaine. You don't have any friends here. You're just catching nothing but L's. You recently confided in another member that "Tefka is vindictive, he can't take away anything more from me."

I've proven I can take your time, and your work, and I'll continue to do so.

You might last a week, a month, but all of your work will be eventually undone. Your history here removed. Again, again, and again.

You should've left those writers alone. Chaos keeps churning, the stories will keep coming. We'll keep doing our thing. But for you, you're condemned to an eternal cage match with an 800 pound gorilla, you small little boy. Those weren't errors you were suffering, not disconnections nor site issues. I'm sure your VPNs aren't the best so you probably didn't realize. I can simulate drops, errors, redirects. Lag time. Slow page loading. That's what's been happening this past week, to you. It's a method we deemed too inhumane because bans were more "hey, you messed up, here's what you did wrong." Even if you couldn't come back to Chaos, they tried to inform you of what not to do at the next community.

But here, I've decided out of 20,000+ accounts, yours are the ones that deserved this treatment. I've been stealing your time. Keep making spam accounts, lying, pretending to be different people, and I'll keep doing it. Scale it back so you don't notice at first. Then gradually increase again. "WHOOPS, is that my VPN. What's my packet loss at? Where's my ping? Hm, this is weird. Do they know it's me?"

It only takes about five minutes of my day, maybe ten if I'm being slow.

How long do the fake e-mails, the fake discords, posting on Chaos only to have it later banned and deleted - how much time does it cost you? You'll never be welcomed back here. There's no negotiation, no sending people PMs about how awful Chaos is, no leniency from me. I have capitulated to so many, given second chances to so many, bent over backwards to work with difficult people so many times. Not for you though. I will just keep stealing from you, taking your time and your work away.

You have forfeited your right to defend yourself from me, to plead your case and be treated equally. This is what I can do to you, and what I will continue to do.

We're up to 10+ accounts now since December. Don't bother lying about it again. I know how much work you've put in just to even get in the door. Should've left them alone, should've left me alone, and you should've left Chaos alone. Now there's nothing you can do, no recourse, except to hide like a rat until I inevitably arrive and completely dominate your time again.

Tell Aycin I said hi and to go fuck herself.


Chaos, continue to report abnormalities and stay engaged. I appreciate everyone who's identified ban evaders and reported them, especially this particular person. Thanks for helping keep Chaos safe. We continue to prove we can handle even the crazies, and I'm glad this small instance of one individual who can't catch a hint is the only issue we've had since the turn of the New Year.

I thank all the members who have reached out and assisted and continue to assist, your presence is so very welcome, and I am aware of many of the storylines being sought and progressed right now. I actually got caught up working on more Age of the Underworld stuff for like 4 hours last night, it's all very exciting, I love seeing the podrace stuff going, I just love how peaceful yet active and talented we've become since the beginning of winter.

It validates all the hard moves we've had to make as a community, the difficult decisions, the "backing down", the long talks, and yes, even sometimes dealing with the discord crazies. It makes it all worth it, for a hobby I dived headfirst into a long, long time ago and continue to satiate to this day.