Log 02 - The Creation Of HAELI The AI

My current plan for the AI is as followed:

Name: HAELI (Higher-Functioning Artificial Emotive Living Intelligence)

Form: Female. A robotic body that will be covered in synthetic, human skin. A hard-light projector.

Personality: Compassion, Emotional, To have a drive to learn, To have a drive to help those registered as 'Safe', To have sarcasm and humour (it would be boring other wise), To have self preservation, To have a fierce sense of loyalty and (guiltily) to be flirtatious. Ultimately it's base personality is to evolve and adapt.

Roles: To be a non-combatant but a Pilot, Slicer, Researcher, Droid Handler (e.i. Viruses), Technology Creator and an adviser.

Basic Laws That Cannot Be Altered: Actions that would cause physical, emotional or other pain - including death - to the creator and those that are considered 'Safe' are forbidden. Only the creator can add someone to or remove someone from the 'Safe'. Compassion and a desire to protect is allowed to override self preservation. Commands given with the designation 'ORC-01' are to be followed no matter what. The command 'ORC-02-End' places the AI on shut down. Override commands (Commands with the designation 'ORC') can only be changed by the creator when no chemical substances nor recent (6 months Galactic Standard Time) behaviour changes are detected.

(OOC: Similar to Holiday from SW:TOR)
(OOC: I have labelled HAELI as a Technology Creator for the reason that I will label her as the creator of any technology that I submit to the Factory for personal use.)