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Alen Na'Varro here, and today we're going to be discussing my opinion on how SWRP: Chaos could be changed for the better. The reason I'm bringing this up is to engage in a bit of thought and discussion regarding RP sites in general. This isn't the place to have yourself a little whine about elitism, the Staff, or the overall bias shown by Tefka towards Omega Pyre, the Bluehawks and every single Yuuzhan Vong faction ... apart from that other one. Oh yeah, and "cliques." This is a place for constructive ideas that I never want to see implemented.


Because Chaos' imperfections make her what she is. So, caveat to the forthcoming deluge. Don't change, Chaos. You're the best Star Wars RP site I've ever written on. By far. And I've written on a few. Don't go changing, baby. Don't go breaking my heart.

Why am I qualified to write about this? Because I've written on a few Star Wars RP boards in my time. I am well versed in the pros and cons of various boards. I spent three years at possibly the worst one (special shout out to SWRPG, the cesspit on the other edge of the internet). That was a terrible time. *sigh* ... Let's crack on with the meat of the article. How can SWRP: Chaos be improved?

Time limit on Force User promotions
Usually, I'm not much for rules. This is an exception, and I have my reasons for it. This will not be a popular opinion, I'm sure, but here's my argument.

Characterisation - I'm a believer in character growth through stories involving trials, tribulations, defeats and victories. Every character should get absolutely wrecked in a fight. Every character should lose someone close to them. Every character should be part of a great, satisfying storyline where they come out on top. Rinse and repeat, with variations of those themes. At the moment, we have Masters who have spent little time as Apprentices or Knights, and thus haven't spent much time at the bottom of the food chain. The time spent on the bottom is where the foundation of the character is built, and if you get put up through the ranks too soon, your character's backstory and personality suffer. There is no struggle to relate to, just a lifetime spent at the top. It gets boring up there.

Limit Master-spam - It's just not that special to get to Master here. It's easy. They're everywhere. In invasions, hordes of Masters plow through battlefields wielding the Force like lunatics, and in the process storylines and the little characters get drowned out. I dunno about you guys, but I want to read about the underdogs.

More Alien Characters
The lack of them is pandemic through all SWRP boards, and I'm just as guilty as you. An alien character written well is a joy.

More Ground-based Warfighting in Invasions
If you need help with it, shoot me a PM. A fundamental of invasions that is glossed over/overlooked/improperly implemented. Potential for great fun here, y'all are missing out.

And I've got nothing else.

Appreciate what you have here
Probably my most important point. This is, by far, the most free and creative Star Wars Roleplay website going, at least, I haven't encountered a better one. Members have a voice here, and are allowed to voice their concerns to Staff in an open forum. You'll rarely get that anywhere else. You get Events run for you, Invasions, an ever-evolving map and things actually get updated here. If you don't like it here, feel free to go somewhere else, but I guarantee you this.

The grass is brown and dead as kark on the other side of the bridge.

Righto, I'm going to take my brown nose somewhere else and get myself a beer.


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