Hello, and welcome to the end of the world. I am your stripper.

Alen here again, and this time we're going to be delving into an area of expertise of which I have a fairly developed knowledge base. Why? Because I just happen to do this for a living. I am currently at the Australian Army's premier officer training establishment studying Defensive Operations, and I'm sure any current servicemen or veterans from your country can tell you just how professional and proficient those who wear the Rising Sun badge are. Anyway, not saying that I'm the be all and end all of military tactics, just saying I know a few things that might help you during the course of Invasions or Dominions.

Caveat: The information I'm going to give you is general, and pretty much universally implemented in contemporary warfare. No Australian/ABCA/NATO TTPs will be discussed in this brief, obviously.

Caveat 2: I'll just be going over considerations for the Advance and Defence. Anything else you might want to know, ask me in the comments section below.

Land warfare is something that is usually implemented pretty poorly on Chaos. That's not a stab at anyone, that's just the way it is. Most of that comes down to influence from movies (Clone and droid waves across open ground in Attack of the Clones, anyone?) and video games (One man fights through army of grotesque aliens that appear upon a predetermined route, achieves objective, EXPLOSION). Common misconceptions are rampant. The scope of this brief is thus: Firstly I will quickly cover off on the common misconceptions. Then I'll give a vague overview of groupings within the Advance and Defence, so you guys have some idea of how to array your forces. Okay, starting with point one:

There are no such things as battle-lines, left flanks, right flanks. We no longer form up in ranks and march onto an open field with muskets at the ready. Trench warfare in its traditional sense is dead. Enemy will operate in, around and behind your position with regularity. All-round defence is key.

Throwing numbers at a problem doesn't solve it. Only sound tactical plans achieve victory. Waves of 200 000 lightly armed Wookies do not.

Resources are always limited. Fuel, availability of engineers, food and water. Anticipate great difficulty getting your troops what they need to fight.

There will always be an attacker and a defender. The attacker will usually have at least THREE times as many personnel as the defender. Otherwise, he just won't engage.

Groupings in the Advance:
This is for the purpose of giving you an idea of how to array your forces as the Attacker.

1. Either Recon Elements or a Covering Force
Recon elements - usually consists of specialist recon Infantry (mounted on LAVs or motorcycles) and cavalry (LAVs) elements.
Covering Force - More traditional combined arms grouping capable of clearing minor opposition/holding key terrain. Infantry, Engineers, limited Tanks

2. Advance Guard - Split into Vanguard and Main Guard
1/3 of total force. Infantry, Engineers, Tanks with limited Artillery support. Arty and Engineers will likely be located in Main Guard. Purpose is to clear minor opposition and locate main enemy positions.

3. Main Body - 2/3 of total force
HQ, logistics elements, bulk of Artillery, Air Defence elements, rotary wing assets, and main body of troops.

4. Reserve
Armour focused for speed and firepower

5. Rear and Flank Security
Usually cavalry and/or mechanised infantry.

Groupings for Defence - Terrain-based
This is for the purpose of arraying your forces as Defender.

1. Recon elements or Covering Force

2. Security Zone:
Either infantry standing patrols or dug-in positions with anti-armour assets. Purpose is to delay.

3. Main Defensive Position/Zone:
Main element of force, dug-in on natural features with tactical obstacles set. Purpose is to block/fix.

4. Reserve
Once again, utilise your tanks here.

5. Rear and Flanks

Groupings for Defence - Enemy-based

Same same, except you will take the bulk of your Main Defensive Position, conceal them, and make them an attacking force. Once your Blocking Force (MDP) has effectively stopped the enemy, your Attacking Force will make their play and destroy or rout the enemy, thus tipping the scales in your favour and allowing you to become the Attacker.

Alright, so basic, but hopefully informative. Any questions, queries, doubtful points, hit me up in the comments below.

So long,

Field Marshal Nerfherder